Sunday, May 17, 2015


Everything has its first time. This, dolls, is my first serious (hopefully successful) blog dedicated to inspire you on the latest fashion trends. Yes, another fashion blog people! I guess you weren't really surprised with that. But hey! Cut me some slack and give me a chance to show you what I got for you.

So why a fashion blog? I joined POLYVORE four years ago but didn't really have the guts (and talent) to mix and match clothes that are actually "wear-able", and decided to abandon it altogether. Until this month when I decided to revisit the site and tried to unleash the stylista in me and designed outfits freestyle. And yes, you guessed it right, NO LIKES (haha). 

I was ready to give up outfit designing on Polyvore, but decided to give it one last shot. A message appeared on my dashboard when I opened my page. A contest invitation was sent to me. For those of you who does not have any idea what a Polyvore Contest is, it basically invites you to style a certain type of clothing and the winner gets the item being promoted. I made my first Bohemian-inspired mixed and matched outfit. 

A few hours later, I checked my design and the overwhelming likes and comments motivated me to do a few more outfits to share. When the contest ended, I was surprised to see my outfit won first place. Which brings us back to the birth of my new blogging career (crossing fingers).

As a tribute to the bohemian-inspired outfit that inspired me to start blogging, I am more than happy to share my masterpiece to you and a few more of my put-together outfits, styling the WALKTRENDY White Sleeveless Print Vest Dress. 

This is my first ever winning design. A bohemian-inspired outfit never goes out of style. Match your Walktrendy White Sleeveless Print Vest Dress with a kimono, throw in a layered long necklace and finish it off with a beaded tribal sandals. 

Layered Necklace: PACSUN.COM
Beaded Tribal Sandals: DV8FASHION.COM 

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