Sunday, May 24, 2015

Styling 101: How To Wear Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces are the newest fashion staple. It has taken sophistication and style into a whole new level. Simply because it makes a statement. It can turn a boring outfit into a stylish ensemble.

But how should we wear statement necklaces? Can we just choose whatever we want? Well, partly yes and partly no. Yes, you can choose whatever fits your style, but you also have to consider your top's neckline.

Here are a few styling tips on how to best wear your statement necklaces.

Styling Tip #1

When you're wearing a turtleneck top, the best statement necklace to pair it with is a long pendant necklace or a long chain necklace. Since your neck is covered, these necklaces will create length and elongates your body from the neck down to the hem of your turtleneck top. 

Styling Tip #2

A crew neck top is lower than a turtleneck but still encloses the lower part of your neck. This top is best paired with a bib or a collar statement necklace. These necklaces are a little bit longer than a choker, but shorter than the usual length of a typical statement necklace. It has minimal volume so as not to make it look big, bulky and overly accessorized.

Styling Tip #3

Your low round neckline top is called a scoop. In accessorizing a scoop, wear a short pendant with volume statement necklace.  The volume of the necklace fills in your bare neck or upper chest area. This time, big and bulky is a must since our goal here is to make the typical top more stylish and sophisticated.

Styling Tip #4

When wearing a strapless top, don't completely cover your neck or upper chest with a complicated necklace. Keep a bit of it bare since that's what strapless tops or dresses are for. The best statement necklace to wear is a choker. Choose a brightly colored choker to make it easily noticeable. 

Styling Tip #5

An angular pendant statement necklace is best worn with a square neckline top. This necklace emphasizes the neckline of the top since it complements each other's (top and necklace) angles. An angular pendant statement necklace is one commonly composed of solid-lined stones or pendants (hence, not round ones).

Styling Tip #6

Ever wondered why some necklaces have more embellishments on one side and close to bear on the other? These are called asymmetrical statement necklaces, which are best paired with off-shoulder tops. The more embellished side should be worn alongside with that sleeve that falls from your shoulder. Stylish and smart jewelry designing skills, right?

Styling Tip #7

What better way to accessorize a v-neck top, but a v-shaped statement necklace. This is very obvious and self-explanatory. The basic styling tip on wearing statement necklaces, complement your neckline.

Styling Tip #8

Wearing a collared blouse? Accessorize with a short pendant or collar/choker statement necklace. When wearing these necklaces, my personal favorite is to wear them underneath the collar of your top. This gives more volume and sophistication. Plus, you don't have to fix it every now and then since it fits snuggly below the collar. But if you choose to wear it on the outside, it works too. :)

Styling Tip #9

Long beads are best paired with boat neck tops. This type of neckline is commonly associated with formal types of clothes. Hence, it is only fitting to match it with yet another formal stylish fashion staple, pearls


Styling Tip #10

Still confused? Review the previous styling tips using the table above. Also find out what statement necklace to wear when you're wearing a halter top, cowl neckline top and sweetheart top. 

I  hope the styling tips helped. Now go out and make a statement! :)

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